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Make your yard look like new!

Landscaping mulch is a key component of any landscaping project. Mulch not only looks great, but it helps retain moisture, control weeds, and introduces organic material into your landscaping beds. Mulching offers a cost-effective way to spruce up your curb appeal! We know that harsh winters can do a number on your landscaping mulch. Legacy Land Pros is ready to give your landscaping a fresh new look that you will enjoy all year long. We offer a wide selection of mulch types, from organic to synthetic. Our landscaping mulch will not only look beautiful but will last for months! Contact us today, and we will assist you in selecting and installing the perfect mulch to compliment your property.



Want a crisp, clean look?

Don’t let your grass grow out of control, let Legacy Land Pros professionally edge your lawn to give it a crisp, clean and finished look. A professionally edged yard is a thing of beauty and we get it done right. With our dug edge or ‘English’ edge you will be amazed at the difference edging makes on your landscaping!


Hedge and Shrub Pruning

Out of control hedges?

Trees, hedges, and shrubs are the basis of any great landscaping around your property. At Legacy Land Pros, we understand the importance of properly trimming and pruning! If you have any high hedges or large shrubs? We can help! Our team of professionals can trim or prune your trees, shrubs, hedges, and bushes! We will ensure they remain healthy and maintain the appearance you desire.



No more boring bushes!

If you are tired of looking at those old worn out bushes and shrubs, Legacy Land Pros is here to help! Our team of experts can help you select the perfect type of bushes or shrubs for your property. Once the selection process has been completed we will plant them where they will complement your landscaping design and give your property a whole new look!


Landscaping Rock

We have the right rock for you!

If you are tired of mulch and are looking for a different way to finish off your landscaping project. Legacy Land Pros offers a wide variety of landscaping rock that will enhance your property! The advantage of using landscaping rocks in place of mulch is that it’s a very low-maintenance way of accenting your property. We will help you select the perfect landscaping rock, and our team will expertly install your new beds to make sure you stand out in your neighborhood!

Lawn Grading

Don’t be stuck with ugly dirt!

At Legacy Land Pros, we offer more than just a grass installation service. We help you create the perfect green space for your home or business. Our expert team of professionals knows how to turn your tired, old and worn out lawn into a lush green space that you can enjoy and show off to friends and family.

Lawn Seeding

We offer affordable seeding on both new and existing lawns, with professional grade seed and an expert touch.

Lawn Grading

We are equipped with all the tools necessary to customize the contours and elevations of your new lawn so that it matches your home’s unique architecture. 

New Construction Lawns

Are you looking for a lawn to compliment your new home or business? We are here to ensure you have the perfect lawn to compliment your new space and make it look amazing.

Lawn Install Before and After


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