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Premier Commercial Landscaping Solutions for Businesses

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Your Partner in Comprehensive Commercial Lawn Care!

Discover unparalleled lawn care excellence with Legacy Land Pros. Our commercial landscaping services extend well beyond simple mowing to offer a complete care package designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in Salem and neighboring locales. We specialize in precision cutting, detailed edging, and specialized fertilization techniques that ensure your lawn is not only healthy but also visually stunning. Our approach is comprehensive: we assess your property’s specific needs and tailor our services accordingly, ensuring a lush, meticulously maintained landscape that enhances your business’s curb appeal and functionality.

Tree and Shrub Care

Cultivating Elegance – Superior Tree and Shrub Maintenance!

Elevate your property’s appeal with Legacy Land Pros’ Tree and Shrub Care services. Our team uses their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that your greenery is not just surviving but thriving. We offer detailed pruning to promote healthy growth, disease management to prevent decay, and pest control to protect your investment. Our services are customized for each client in the Salem area and beyond, ensuring that your commercial landscape’s trees and shrubs add value and beauty to your property year-round.

Seasonal Plantings

Experience Year-Round Beauty With Our Seasonal Plantings!

Transform your landscape into a dynamic, ever-changing tapestry with Legacy Land Pros’ Seasonal Plantings. Our experts select the perfect plants to ensure that your property remains vibrant and inviting through every season. Tailored specifically for businesses in the Northeast, OH area, our seasonal planting services are designed to reflect your unique style while adapting to the local climate and environmental conditions. We provide a seamless blend of color, texture, and fragrance, ensuring your commercial property stands out and welcomes visitors with seasonal charm and elegance.

Commercial Lawn Fertilization

Advanced Fertilization for a Lush, Healthy Lawn!

Revitalize and enrich your lawn with Legacy Land Pros’ advanced Lawn Fertilization services. Our expert team understands the specific nutritional needs of turf in the Salem region, applying scientifically backed treatments to enhance growth, density, and color. Our comprehensive programs address various factors, including soil quality, grass type, and local weather conditions, to ensure optimal health and vigor. Trust our professionals to implement a fertilization regimen that turns your commercial lawn into a lush, green oasis that impresses clients and enhances your property’s overall appeal.

Weed Control

Pristine Landscapes with Professional Weed Management.

Legacy Land Pros offers specialized Weed Control services to maintain the beauty and integrity of your commercial landscape. Our targeted strategies and professional-grade treatments eliminate unsightly weeds, preventing them from competing with your desirable plants for resources. We focus on creating a healthy, balanced environment where your lawn and ornamentals can flourish. Our comprehensive weed management solutions provide a clean, professional appearance that upholds your business’s image and standards with unwavering quality and attention to detail.

Snow and Ice Management

Seamless Winter Solutions for Business Continuity.

With Legacy Land Pros’ Snow and Ice Management services, your business can continue smoothly through the harshest winter conditions in Salem and its neighboring communities. Our dedicated team provides around-the-clock monitoring and rapid response to snow and ice build-up, ensuring your property remains safe and accessible. Our comprehensive services include snow plowing, salting, and sidewalk clearing, all designed to minimize downtime and risk, providing peace of mind through the winter months.

Site Clean-Up

Maintain a Pristine Image with Expert Clean-Up Services.

Legacy Land Pros’ Site Clean-Up services ensure your commercial property projects professionalism and orderliness at all times. Our meticulous crews systematically remove debris, leaves, and waste, promoting a healthy, attractive environment. Regular clean-up and maintenance reflect positively on your business, inviting clients and customers into a space that’s both welcoming and well-kept. Our full-service approach means every detail is managed efficiently, leaving you free to focus on your business, secure in the knowledge that your outdoor spaces are in expert hands.

Erosion Control

Comprehensive Erosion Solutions for Landscape Longevity.

Safeguard your property’s landscape with Legacy Land Pros’ robust Erosion Control services. Tailored to the unique terrain and climate of North East OH, our solutions, including innovative retaining walls, effective drainage systems, and strategic land grading, protect your soil and infrastructure from water damage and land loss. Our experienced team designs and implements effective measures to preserve your landscape’s beauty and functionality, ensuring long-term stability and protection against the elements.

Consultation and Landscape Planning

Discover Your Property’s Potential with Legacy Land Pros!

Unlock the full potential of your commercial property with Legacy Land Pros’ Consultation and Landscape Planning services. Our landscape architects and designers work closely with your business to develop a cohesive, strategic plan that enhances your outdoor space’s form and function. From conceptual design to implementation, we provide personalized solutions that reflect your brand and meet your operational needs. Whether you’re looking to refresh an existing landscape or envision a new development, our full-service approach delivers innovative, impactful designs that make a lasting impression.


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